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Story telling – Imigani > The lion and the mouse

Rugwe et Kabeba

A Kibira Rugwe (the lion) the King of the jungle was waiting to catch the gazelle for his lunch, he waited and waited till he almost gave up. Then came a mouse and saluted him. “Ndakuramukije mwami w’ibikoko”, I salute you king of the animals. The lion was hungry and wanted to eat the mouse. He said”Ingo nkuramukirize munda yanje”, I will greet you once you are in my stomach. The mouse was very scared. He said “Please don’t eat me before I tell you a very important information”.

The Lion: I am listening.

The Mouse:  I heard there is a big weight lifting competition for many animals. The big and small animals like me. So let’s compete and if you win, you can eat me and if I win I walk free.

The lion was very convinced that he was going to win because he is big and strong. For the mouse it was matter of survirving, but he needed to try his best not be eaten by the Lion Rugwe.

Since Rugwe (Lion) was hungry and had less energy, he was not fit to lift up the big stone. Kabeba the mouse had just finished a lunch and called secretly his invisible ancestors to come for help. Before the eyes of Lion, Kabeba lift the big stone with one arm. It was great performence. While Rugwe regret to have accepted the deal, he has to send Kabeba free. He walked slow to the River while he finally catch the wildebeest trying to cross.

The lesson: Never under estimate the power of every person. Even if that person is small.