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My portfolio is very diverse. It includes inspiring music albums, poetry and stories. I master different languages and use these in my different works. For a selection of my art work, have a look at the sub menu on the right.

I also have ample experience in organising and facilitating African dance workshops. I will take people on a tour of Africa. I am using songs from different parts of Africa. My motto is: Live your passion!From the very first moment you will be enchanted by the richness of the African sounds and you not be able to sit still and want to move to the exiting rythms.

Besides playing the Indonongo, I love working out on the traditional drums (or djembes). I have many other instruments from different parts of the world, but am always interested in discovering new sounds and using these in my performances. So if you are looking for a multi-talented person able to enchant people with sound, dance and stories, get in touch.